Our Acehnese Wedding
The following pages give a small glimpse into the wonderful day we had with our 'Big Phat Acehnese Wedding' in Medan
Many people, friends, relatives, neighbors and people we don’t even know contributed days and even weeks of effort to make all this possible
I tried to thank them all personally, but there were too many of them and my Bahasa Indonesia is too limited to express my real gratitude
We had some friends from Singapore and Jakarta come to share the day with us and they managed to enjoy it too, one or two seemed to enjoy it far too much and had to stay on for a day or two.
We were expecting about 700 and I believe we had just more than 1000 turn up, quite an effort to feed them all, but the food kept coming, and kept coming, and kept coming, so there must have been plenty somewhere
The day before I went on a tour of the production facilities, houses all over the neighborhood were turned into food processing plants, chicken curry here, beef rendang there, shrimp sambal somewhere else, the largest tub of chicken soup I have ever seen in my life was in someones front yard and then there were the four ladies from Aceh hand making the traditional Acehnese sweets for four days. And the rice, I think I know why there is a shortage of rice in Indonesia at the moment, we ate ten tons of it
The ceremony itself was simple and moving, one of my friends said it was the most moving wedding ceremony he had ever seen, and for me it was a unique and deeply personal experience to be welcomed as I was into Rina’s family and with open arms, open hearts and open minds by the Acehnese community in Medan. It was truly a most wonderful time: so read on and see what a great time we had ...