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Three Days in Singapore
By now you are almost a local lah! Sleep in, of course lah!
Breakfast. Time to eat local. Look for a Ya Kun Kaya Toast and have the set menu with the soft egg and the kaya toast. it's great with Kopi or Tea Si (with condensed milk). Guaranteed to get you through until lunch. If there is no Ya Kun nearby look for the local Kopitiam, they all have the same or similar breakfasts.
Take the Hippo tour. Tourist Information Centre on Orchard opposite Meritus Mandarin is the place to go for this. Good couple of hours best in the mornings in open topped double decker bus. I don’t recommend the Duck Tour, it's pretty boring and expensive, anyway you can do it on the Bum Boat tonight.
Then more shopping (this is Singapore). Suggest you venture up to Scotts Road. Here you will find Far East Plaza next to the Hyatt. Really good local / international fashions. It has lots of hallways with small shops in them, so give them all a good look, there are some great finds
Lunch: Eating comes a close second to shopping as a passion here.
There are some great western café style places around this area. You can even venture into the Hyatt Marketplace, awesome, or the buffet at the Goodwood Park Hotel just 100 yards up is magnificent, as is the hotel building, some say better than Raffles. Try it out.
Finished lunch, phew, it's probably 3pm now. Shopping or touring not high on the agenda now are they?
You can try a foot massage or go for the whole body experience. There are spa’s a’plenty in the shopping malls, prices vary so check them out first (If you go into Orchard Towers for massage make sure they know what you are asking for?)
You might even want to try one of the five million hair salons, they are top quality stylists here and at 30% of what you pay at home, steer clear of the brands you know at home, they will overcharge you.
Finished the pampering, ok, it's time for dinner and the evening entertainment.
Suggest dinner at Iguana or Breworkz at Riverside Point, opposite Clarke Quay. Great Tex Mex / Burgers / Steaks / Beers and Margaritas. Then take a Bum Boat Ride for a half hour, then hit a club (There are new ones every week, current popular include Ministry of Sound (mixed reviews) Zook (always a favourite with the clubbers) Momo (also a favourite). Dance your heart out until 3-5am and then grab a roti prata before beating the sun to bed.