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Link to recent photos of Botanic gardens.
Link to recent photos of Chinatown.
One Day in Singapore
The only thing that opens early is the Botanic Gardens, they are really beautiful, and best seen before it gets hot. So get there as early as you like (I think it opens at 5.30am but it's still dark until 6.30am) and take an hour or so to walk through it, you will come out at Tanglin Mall, you can grab a coffee and croissant at Deli France or other coffee shops there, or walk a hundred metres to the top of Orchard Road and watch the locals scurry to work, or keep walking along Orchard to the coffee shops near Borders at Wheelock Plc.
Stroll down Orchard where you will see the latest fashions and lots of interesting sights almost any day of the week. Best shopping is in the malls and you will need to go into a few of them to get the feel. Best ones are Paragon and Ngee Ann. Shops don’t open before 10 and even 11.
Hit Lucky Plaza after 11am for electrical and fashion bargains. You must bargain hard here or you will pay far too much. See tips on bargaining elsewhere.
Grab a cab to Maxwell Food Centre in China Town for lunch and a rest. Tip, if you get there between 12 and 1 you will not get a seat. The protocol for reserving a table is to place a packet of tissues on the table, nobody will steal them or it from you. There are many aunties and uncles selling packets of tissues for $1 everywhere in Singapore, don’t hesitate to buy these, this is usually the only income these people have, if you don’t buy the tissues they don’t eat!
Walk back up though China Town, lots of interesting laneways and shopping centres, this is where the locals shop so bargain hard. You will find spice traders, silk traders, cameras, fashion, dried stuff you have never seen before, and almost everything else you can think of.
Take in a temple of two, you will see them easily enough, there are Buddhist, Chinese and Hindu temples in Chinatown.
When you have seen enough of this grab a cab to Raffles for a Singapore Sling, they do a huge high tea, you will not need supper.
Don’t forget to stroll through the courtyard at Raffles, drop in to Tiffany’s and see some serious jewelry and the Harrods Shop. There is a great open air bar at the back of Raffles, nice place to sit and relax with glass of wine, a beer or something softer.
More shopping? Try Raffles City, across the road for a while, lots of top end shops and some interesting local ones. Check out the water feature on the bottom level, musical as well.
Need a sunset drink, go to New Asia Bar on Level 72 of the Stamford which is at Raffles City, you can see tomorrow coming from there. Favourite hangout for many from the financial markets and flight attendants who seem to own the Stamford. Not the place for a local feeling, but pleasant and worth the view.

Still in Singapore? Go to the Night Safari, starts at 7.30pm and is one of the best experiences you will have, closes at midnight, they have food out there, but best to get a late hawker centre meal on the way home. Then Sleep.

Link to recent photos of Botanic gardens.
Link to recent photos of Chinatown.