Welcome to my website

This website is pretty much just about having a good time in Southeast Asia and some other places. It represents my and other peoples personal experiences. Its not to be taken too seriously and if you disagree with anything I have said let me know and I’ll come around and kick in your front door and then have a beer with you.

I will update the information here from time to time as I travel to new places or things change. Singapore and Indonesia are featured more than the other countries only because I spend more time in them.

Many people have found my 1-7 day tour of Singapore helpful and I am in the process of updating these entries now that I have found some more jewels in this City/State/Nation.

If you have any ideas or contributions to make then drop me a line and I might even give you credit for it.

Most of all I encourage you all to come and enjoy this wonderful part of the world, its got almost everything you could want.

Follow the links below to completed pages on specific countries and places, or even events.


Well here are two of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore (not me and Rina) but the Merlion and the soon to be opened Eye on Singapore (the ferris wheel in the background).
Aceh Tsunami - Two Years Later
Cape Town
Drop Your Pants for America!
The Wedding - Jakarta Barat
Our Big Phat Acehnese Wedding
Weddings, Circumcisions and a ...